Since i was a child, i love to read comics books especially from Hong Kong. Pendekar Laut, King Of Fighter, Dewata Raya, Jejak Wira, Anak-Anak Wira  are my favorites. At that time when i was at age 11, a  comic book that consists 10-15 pages (can't really remember precisely) only cost 30 cents. Haha, pretty cheap compared to today.

Even though, my age increases year by year, i still enjoy reading the comics because i know it's fun thing to do. This blog, i dedicated it for my passion and enjoyable feeling reading comics/ mangas. For this simple blog, it tooks 3-4 days to looks as now and i spend most of the time finding the suitable templates and copy paste some HTML codes (i know a tiny bit of knowledge about this thing). I know, there's a lot of thing still to be added in this blog to make it close to perfect.

If we love to do something, it becomes our motivation to keep going and improve time by time. And  for that reason, i will continue reading comic books even my age is at 60. Done talking.



ShiKa SenGaL said...

i love reading comic too...especially japan comic which already translated either in english or malay :)

Apple said...

What? 30cents? Very cheap la wei. haha.. Nowadays we got like Rm3.5 per comic - HKG one. Our economy kinda sux where bokks increase in prices each years. That is why i read online manga. Used to buy manga every week but now, a month maybe 3 to 4 manga - comic house.
For some reason, i like this blog as im a comic addict myself. I have drawn comic also as that was my passion for comic. Lol.

aimansic said...

when kijiya 8 will out in this blog??

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