Ujang 421



PariPariPutih said...

peps jom kita ramai2 support kartunis2 di malaysia ni dgn membeli or jadi monthly subscriber, selepas kita preview latest2 isu kat KOMIK2 Malaysia ni. What say u?? Tak salahkan?? Jom kita preview, beli and keep it for personal collection... ^_^

leakedknowledge said...

@ Mrs. White Fairy. Thanks for telling people the actual aim why i created this blog at the 1st place. Ok one more time guys,
''All files here are for promotion and preview purposes only. Please delete them within 24 hours. If you like graphic novel, magazine and others, support the publisher and buy it!''

PariPariPutih said...

leakedknowledge: yup we should support them if we don't want to see all the "Local Comics/Cartoonist" slowly dying :P... anyway it's worth of buying..(can say, lebih murah dari rokok, which you can keep it, and make u laugh when u need it..kan (mereka juga seperti kita, hanya mencari sesuap nasi untuk menyara keluarga) ^_^

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